maandag 6 april 2015

Who I am

Photo by Myrthe Tielman
Nikki Liem is the name!
I was born in '87 in Tilburg. a town in the south of The Netherlands. Grown up in a family that was involved in theatre for many decades. And therefore seeing  plays from a early age on sparked a fascination for theatre costuming.

After high school I attended fashion school which was more aimed on technique than on design, let alone historic or theatre costuming. Much of what I know now is self-taught or learned on the job. With my mind set on theatre costuming I was allowed to turn assignments into a theatre or historic related one. during my four years of education, I had to do two internships. The first was where it all begain, at the Jeugd theater (yought theatre) Hofplein in Rotterdam. the second one was in London on the West End. Where I helped set up the new German production of Wicked and later on worked on the London production. after returning home I graduated top of my class in 2008 with a 9,5 grade (out of 10)

After graduation I rolled into the movie business.
Since I had no experience what so ever. I started out on a internship salary, while working as the headdresser's assistant. After that the ball kept rolling and not soon after wrapping that movie I got a call from a costume designer named Yan Tax. Who's work I had already been admirroring for a few years.

Via Yan Tax, who also designs for theatre, I ended up at the musicals.
Through him I got in at Hollands biggest musical company: Stage entertainment. Here I worked as a dresser for three years on musicals such as:
  • Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat
  • Mary Poppins
  • Wicked
After those three years I was ready for a new adventure. I wanted to do more with my hands than just small costume maintenance, washing and dressing.

In my opinion the best place to learn so much more was the Dutch National Ballet.
Here I have been taught how to make costumes that are lightweight and flexible for ballet dancers to perform in, as well as costumes that are made to last many years as some productions remain in the repertory for up to decades. I have also learned how to make a range of different styles of costumes from leotards for contemporary ballets, to historically accurate costumes for classic productions set in specific periods of history